The Jack Russell zest for life

The Jack Russell is a hardy, brave and fun little dog with plenty of personality and a zest for an active life! They are generally an uncomplicated breed in their earlier years but may go on to develop age-related health problems as they get older.

Early signs of health decline in your Jack Russell may include a noticeably dry and flaky skin and other observable symptoms such as lessening mobility and diminishing eyesight. They are all individuals, influenced by their genetics as well as their environment. You can keep them going with a daily supplement to help ensure they have all the vitamins and minerals they need.  

Rova’s Multi Boost is a daily maintenance, micro pellet boost to add to their normal food. By including additional nutrients such as Vitamin A, Selenium, Manganese, Zinc and Omega 3 that are proven to support eyesight, mobility, immunity and a healthy skin and coat, you can help ensure you’re giving your dog all the building blocks they need to stay active long into their life.