Cavapoos and coat care

Originating with a Labradoodle in the 1950s, the Poodle cross has become increasingly popular in the past decade and it is easy to see why. Friendly, trainable and frequently low shedding, Cavapoos originated as a pet suitable for allergy sufferers.

Cross breeds in general tend to have a lower chance of developing some of the conditions seen in their parents’ heritage, however with obesity, itchy skin and hot spots seen across a variety of breeds it is always advisable to take a preventative approach to health.

Many Cavapoos inherit the wool coat from their poodle parent which will require appointments at the grooming salon. There are also plenty of steps an owner can take to help keep their skin and coat in excellent condition:

  1. Daily brushing and comb through to stop matts forming
  2. Regular skin checks under the coat
  3. Regular cleansing of high moisture areas such as paws, eyes, beards and hygiene areas
  4. A supplement specifically formulated for skin and coat health

Rova’s Skin and Coat supplement uses sustainably sourced omega 3 to help maintain your dog’s skin and coat quality, mixed with vitamin E to help support the immune system and protect against free radicals entering the body. If your dog has sensitive, allergy-prone skin, a few weeks of continuous use will generally lead to improvement.