Rova uses a unique bioactive mechanism for optimal mineral absorption and efficacy.

Formulated with clinically tested ingredients and developed by veterinary experts with over 50 years' experience.

All our products are 100% natural and plant based, with nothing added or genetically modified.

Supplements are not just for when your dog is unwell. Use throughout their life to support optimal health. Rova's range of supplements can help give them extra support and care for a range of common health conditions.

Custom plans for lifelong care

Tailor a specific plan to your dog's breed, age and activity.

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100% plant based

Natural ingredients.

Nothing added.

Nothing genetically modified.


Learn how supplements can help your dog

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Sustainability matters.

We only source from responsible and ethical suppliers, and all our products are manufactured here in the UK with 100% recyclable pouches.


Looking out for dogs that aren’t as lucky as yours

We have committed to donate 5% of net sales to a dog charity chosen by our community.