We always wondered why people don’t think about their dog’s health and wellbeing in the same way they think about their own. To change all that, we created Rova.

Rova offers a holistic range of natural health supplements, superfoods and skin and coat formulations designed to nurture your dog’s health and wellness.

We go beyond just good nutrition. We work with a team of veterinary nutritionists to develop products with high quality nutraceutical ingredients that can help support your dog’s long term wellbeing.

We want to help your dog thrive, and for you to share all the benefits and joy good health brings for as long as possible.


We believe our products are only as good as the ingredients we choose.

We care deeply about the quality and provenance of our ingredients and we work closely with trusted, ethical suppliers. We want to provide only high quality products that help give your dog the best support for their natural health and wellness.

And to ensure our supplements are suitable for dogs of all diets, we only choose plant-based ingredients, making them a vegan and planet-friendly addition to your dog’s daily health routine.


We believe we have a responsibility to do the right thing for everyone – our customers, their dogs, and the environment. That’s why we’ve invested in quality recyclable packaging and use recycled materials wherever possible. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our paw print on the planet as newer, cleaner materials and technologies become available.

Giving back

We’re committed to the health, wellness and welfare of dogs everywhere, and we’re passionate about doing the right thing for all dogs – including those less fortunate than our own. That’s why we give 5% of our net sales each year to a dog charity chosen by you, our community.