Resilient Terriers and how to keep them going

The Terrier group includes Border Terriers, West Highland Whites and the popular Jack Russell.  Smart and resilient, Terriers love to be outside in all weathers and to chase. Originally they were bred for pest control but owing to their compact size and love of a warm lap, many Terrier breeds have found themselves in the home as one of our most treasured family members.

Terriers are typically uncomplicated when it comes to their general health and wellness, however their environmental preferences and moderate exercise requirements can put additional stressors on their bodies as they age.

Rova’s Multi Boost is a daily maintenance, micro pellet boost to add to their normal food. By including additional nutrients such as Vitamin A, Selenium, Manganese, Zinc and Omega 3 that are proven to support eyesight, mobility, immunity and a healthy skin and coat, you can help ensure you’re giving your dog all the building blocks they need to stay active long into their life.