Bulldogs and their breathing

The English Bulldog has so much personality with their endearing under bite, loud snoring and infamous grunts – life is never dull with a Bulldog! Despite these charming features, there are certain must-dos and potential health risks associated with this breed.

The Bulldog has a naturally stocky build and it is important to keep them at optimum weight, by managing their nutritional intake for daily calories. They are also at risk of Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS), which are breathing problems linked to the shape of their face that can be worse in high temperatures.

You can help them by taking the following preventative approach:

  1. Regular cleansing and drying of the folds of skin on the face to prevent infection
  2. Appropriate weight management
  3. Supplements to help clear out free radicals and keep airways clear, especially in urban environments

Whilst supplementation alone cannot cure BOAS, Rova’s Multi Vitamin Boost can help your dog maintain clear airways by supporting the immune system to protect against harmful everyday particles and pollutants, including the active removal of antagonists and free radicals from the body. This can be especially helpful in urban environments.

Made in easy to digest pellets that can be served with your dog’s normal food, it combines efficient nutrient absorption with optimal dosage, avoiding the over-consumption and weight gain that can result from functional treats. This is especially important when maintaining an optimum weight by maximising the benefits of the calories they do consume.