Supporting Schnauzers into old age

The Miniature Schnauzer is compact, sporty and many achieve a grand old age. Given the right motivation, they excel with training and often perform well in dog intelligence tests. Some dogs are laid back and tolerant and others are a bit more extrovert and full of adventure! Either way your Miniature Schnauzer will certainly let you know when your attention is needed and will likely be on the go well into their senior years. 

For such a long-lived breed with a broad spectrum of potential health conditions, especially with their vision, optimum nutrient intake is important. Whilst genetic conditions can and should be screened for by reputable breeders, there are several age-related onsets that Schnauzers can develop which make supplementation a solid plan for a healthy life. 

Given the important role gut health plays in the immune function and overall wellness, a digestive supplement can help your dog to thrive. Rova Digestive Support is a high specification, veterinary approved formulation of active nutraceuticals to support long-term gut health and hygiene as part of a daily routine. Prebiotics help to sustain friendly bacteria, promote good digestion and optimize the uptake of vitamins and minerals from their food, which is especially important if your dog is older or watching their weight.

A well-rounded daily supplement can also help boost key nutrient levels to help protect against potential deficiencies and early onset of age-related health problems. Rova’s Multi Boost is specially formulated by veterinary nutritionists to support your dog’s brain, coat, eyes, heart, immune system, mobility and skin.